This is where I’m suppose to tell you a bunch of cool things about myself.

Um… I don’t have any cool things to tell.

What I can say is that I’m married, have two beautiful daughters and I’m a recovering Recession-holic.

Recessionholic aka got whipped by the downturn in the economy, started feeling bad about it and then did nothing about it. (Yeh that guy.)

I then turned to drugs, became homeless and life got turned into a made for TV movie. LOL. ( Ok that last part never happened. )

Life didn’t always suck though, I was actually a happy guy, motivating everyone around me to do better, be better and helping tons of people accomplish tons of things … for free. ( Yeh that annoyingly chipper guy. )

Anyway… people sucked the life out of me, or lemmi rephrase, I allowed them to suck all the happiness out of me. So I’ve been a very angry person stuck in a holding pattern for a couple of years since.

OK, you can put away the violins now, enough sob story.

I now plan to be better again, achieve tons, fly to the moon and live it up in Ibiza etc. This blog is a part of getting me there and was inspired by a week of binge reading, trying to get my life and mind back on track.

Hopefully you stick around for my ramblings and maybe pick up something good here and there.

And hopefully I stick to this blogging thing, I’ve tried it before… this crap isn’t easy.

Stay tuned…