Life List

Below are some of the things I plan to accomplish in my lifetime.

I was inspired to create this list after reading a quick ebook by Yanik Silver from Maverick Business Adventures.

Basically learning to live a little again. Some things silly, some things life, some things business and a lot more.

Will add more, organize and check off some as I go along.

TRENDS’s Life List ( in no particular order )
– Attend Burning man
– Attend The Olympics
– Attend a World Cup
– Run with the Bulls in Spain
– Re-develop a Great Memory
– Do Speed Reading Courses
– Learn Taekwondo
– Be in Exceptional Shape
– Strengthen Family Connections
– Bungee Jump
– Sky Dive
– Experience No Gravity Chamber
– Drive a Race Car ( and not crash )
– Visit All The Continent
– Write a National Best Seller
– Hot Air Ballooning
– Sell a Website for $1 Million or More
– Learn to Play the Guitar
– Attend The World’s Biggest Pillow Fight
– Dive in a Submarine
– Go to Vegas as a High Roller
– Do _ _ _ _ Party ( A concept I’ve had for years )
– Go on An African Safari
– Learn & be fluent Spanish and French
– Be in a Movie
– Have a Scholarship in my Grandfather’s Name
– 0 Personal Debt for Myself and Family
– Create a Company and Sell It
– Own a Beach Home
– Own Many Successful Clubs
– Own a Bugatti Veyron
– Give Away Millions to Charity
– Sponsor Gifted Underprivileged to Pursue their Education & Dreams
– Go to a Superbowl with great friends
– Create a Amazing Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs
– Become Part of the Maverick Business Adventures
– Publish My Book of Poetry ( just because )
– Attend the NBA Playoff Championship ( w/ great seats )
– Attend the US Open
– Attend an NBA All Star Game
– Get Featured in Some of My Favorite Business Magazines ( Fortune, Inc, Entrepreneur, etc)
– – Read the Bible Cover to Cover in a Year
Meet some of my Favorite People ( Richard Branson, Oprah, Seth Godin, Diddy, Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, Jay Z, T Harv Eker, etc )
– Attend Winter Music Conference
– Attend the End of Summer Event in Ibiza
– Make sure My Kids never Want ( & understand the value of not needing to want )
– Travel More ( Tahiti, Ibiza, China, Egypt, Australia, Etc)
– Host Some of The Greatest Parties in the World
– Buy an Island to have those Parties :)
– Net Worth $1 Million
– Net Worth $10 Million
– Net Worth $100 Million
– Net Worth $1 Billion +
– Live Passionately
– Teach my kids to be Live out Loud and the value of enjoying life.
– Teach my kids to do things they love
– Take more family vacations

I guess I best to getting and get all this done eh? LOL

I’m still young!