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story telling the moth

We all have stories we’re living and telling ourselves. – Bruce Springsteen

Don’t you just love a great story? You can get absorbed by a great one, the elements of your life disappear into the background and you’re surrounded by the words you’re reading, hearing, watching.

For me, I can listen to stories all day, matter of fact I’ve listened and watched different stories all day. Sounds like I have nothing to do with a great Sunday right?

But here’s the thing about stories, especially good ones.

I’ve always wanted to write them. I’ve always wanted to tell my own. Always wanted to express my own.

At first my stories will suck. Eventually they may get better and eventually I’ll get great at them.

This is my journey back to writing and story telling.

For now, here’s a great story from The Moth by Malcolm Gladwell

If you love great stories, check out the links below.

Visit The Moth & First Person Arts

Now Your Turn…

What’s your favorite story? Post below in the comments!


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