Chasing Tranquility & What Really Matters

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Chasing Tranquility & What Really Matters

It’s been said that those who do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result can be considered insane, crazy and in need of a head examination. Yet still, the world is filled with walking crazies who put on their shiny white jackets, take their dose of meds and dive head first into the wall of life.

Whether you call it a treadmill, the matrix or the carnival of life, we all have been programmed to accept this as living. Doing the same things, the same tasks, the same conversations, the same mistakes and the same exhaustive routine over and over again, expecting it to get better somehow. We do this day in, day out wanting, yearning, wishing for things to change and then do it all over again. Insane right? Click Here to Read More

Kill Your Inner Wimp ( and Get Away With It! )

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Oh no! Here comes your inner wimp again. Quick before he/she comes sabotaging you, it's time to commit murder, it's time to kill your inner wimp and get away with it.

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Greatness Lives On The Edge of Destruction

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The title of this post was inspired yet again by Mr. Will Smith during his latest interview with the Queen of All Women tuned in between 4 & 5 pm daily, OPRAH!

I thought it a better title than, “When Shit Hits The Fan!”… what do you think?

Anyway… for some reason that title got stuck in my head today and it really rang home and pretty much summed up my 2010 in review thus far. Has it been an amazingly shitty year for you as well?

Before we break out the violins though for the sad stories, let’s think about this for a while.

Greatness Lives on The Edge of Destruction… hmm!
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When You’re The Only One That Believes

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A funny thing happens when you decide to do something great, a little different and even a little challenging. Everyone around you becomes the world’s greatest critics.

A couple of responses you may get are:

– The “You’re Crazy!”
– The Raised Eyebrow “What You Talkin’ ’bout Willis!?”
– The Half Hearted “Oh… that… sounds… good!”
– The “Tell Me How That Works Out for You!”

and my favorite “That’ll Never Work!”

I mean who can blame people right? Nowadays we have very little to believe in, or have confidence in. Between lying politicians, scam artist investors, fallen celebrities and even the failure of our own families, it makes sense not to believe in you… for now at least.

So What Now? Everyone Believes You’re Going to #FAIL

At this point you only have two choices, prove everyone right and fail or prove everyone wrong and succeed. There’s no half failing or half succeeding. It’s either you fail or not, succeed or not. Simple!

The Problem With Believing Everyone’s Right
The problem with believing everyone’s right and not going after your dreams is not that you don’t believe in yourself, it’s that you believe more in their fear.

It’s not that your friends, family and even the random onlookers don’t want you to win, they’re just scared. Scared that you may fail and hurt yourself, look like a fool and just fall flat on your face. More importantly they’re scared that they can’t do it themselves and it’s often that fear projected onto you.

Sometimes you even hear the, “Man I had this one friend that tried that and now he’s dead. Well not really dead, but he’s dead to me.”

Don’t let their fear or doubt stop you, it’s up to you to prove them wrong.

Proving Everyone’s Wrong
Now this part takes a lot of balls, guts for the ladies, and yes you have to be a little bit crazy to go all out for your goals in life.

You’re going to have to sometimes say “fuck em!” and just go for it. Sometimes miss step for the world to see, have setbacks, get ridiculed and sometimes feel very alone in a world filled of non-believers.

Many times you may even wonder to yourself if you’re actually totally nuts, find moments of doubt, but you have to ask yourself if your goals are worth it. At these times it’s up to you to dig deep and break through those tough times. Because it won’t be a cake walk and just because you decided to go all out for your goals and dreams, doesn’t mean the skies will open up, birds will sing and you’ll float all the way to a celebration fit for royalty.

It’s just not going to happen that way. Yet with a bit of resolve, patience and resilience you could actually be the success you believe you can be.

Note: Now don’t go doing something stupid like jumping off a cliff expecting to sprout wings or anything like that.

Make sure you’ve done your research, put out your best work and always strive to improve. And then just go out and do it. Experience will help you hone your craft and become the best at what you want to do.

My take is that at the end of the day, if you fail you’ll get to play it safe and be regular like everyone else. Yeh, some may even get to laugh at you a bit… “Remember that one time he tried to become successful?! Told you it wouldn’t work!”

BUT at least for a moment in life you were alive and going after your dreams. Then of course everyone will celebrate, and tell the world they always knew you would make it.

Good luck and all the best!


Ass Backwards: Seeking Wealth Before Happiness

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Today when on my way to meet some dude, who had some money, at some place… sounds like a sketchy drug endeavor doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I don’t fancy prison stripes so none of that going on.

So as the story goes, I decide to make use of the tapes that come in the big package monthly, from one of the membership programs that rape my account. ( That reminds me, have to cancel or do something with that gym membership.) Anyway… I put in the tape and start listening.

Damn… CD error… wipe wipe. That’s better!

So it’s an interview from Ted Leonsis you can check him out at his blog here. Who’s Ted you ask?

He’s an all around good guy, owns part of the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, Mystics, helped drive AOL to major success for 14 years, is a multi multi millionaire and oh he had a revelation at 25 when he almost died in a plane crash. And it was that near death experience that woke hip up from focusing on just the millions and more about living and experiencing life.

It was a great interview which focused on the principles of his book The Business of Happiness. The importance of having gratitude, living with a higher purpose, having empathy for others and their situations and really striving to excel in all aspects of your life without as he calls it, over-indexing.

Quite often we believe we have to chase the money to become happy, of which I’ve definitely been guilty of up to quite recently. I guess the thought process was, the less I have to focus on bills and finances, the happier I would become. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up not having to worry if you have your $7 to go an splurge on high priced, funny sounding coffee, from the the barista coffee mafia.

Apparently I had it all ass backwards, and it became more of a struggle than anything to pursue this, while not being happy and fulfilled in other aspects of my life. A point well driven home by the hour interview.

Point: Balance by also focusing on wealth in other aspects of your life and eventually every thing else will fall into place. ( I hate that word balance by the way, but it’s something I definitely will be working on. )

After all, we can’t be buried with all our wealth at the end of the day. So what sense does it make to miss out on the real wealth, living.

Anyway… great interview by Ted, shedding light on something I’ve struggled with and it’s worth getting it right now, so I don’t have to be on a plane, about to crash, wishing I had experienced living a great life.


Keeping My Sanity through Lets Mix

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So now that I’m building tons of sites, doing tons of keyword research etc… I find myself bored out of my mind. My brain is turning to mush and I thinks me is turning into a zombie.

To stop myself from returning to the land of the living dead ( Amazing zombie movie by the way, check it out on Netflix ). I’ve been listening to some HIGH ENERGY music to keep me somewhat sane.

I don’t usually spend the day listening to House, DNB, Trance etc, but I’m officially addicted to

Check it out if you’re having trouble keeping your eyelids up.

One of my favorite mixes is this one:
Benzi x Mick Boogie x D Star - Motivation 3 (Hosted by Mike Posner) from DJ Benzi at

Benzi x Mick Boogie x D Star – Motivation 3 (Hosted by Mike Posner) from DJ Benzi at