Stick To It - FTF01

Stick To It – FTF01

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You’ve gotta come see this! It’s absolutely AMAZING here!

The great part is that you’re only a few years away and if you stick to it you’ll actually end up here.

Picture the most beautiful ocean water you’ve ever seen, sand as white as pearls, air as fresh as the most wonderful spring day and a never ending feeling of exhilaration as you go from moment to moment during the day.

Your Future

Can you picture it? Can you imagine that? To call it paradise would do it little justice, bordering on some sort of metaphoric blasphemy. For now we’ll call it…

If and only if, you STICK TO IT!

Initially I was going to tell you to be disciplined, but that word often conjures up images and thoughts of an oversized school teacher pointing a finger and swinger her ruler at every available part of your body she can get to. PAINFUL to think about… painful that word discipline. So we, stick to it.

  • Stick To It In Spite of Fear
  • Stick To It In Spite of Doubt
  • Stick To It In Spite of The Pain
  • Stick To It In Spite of Humiliation


In Spite of Fear

Fear is such a funny thing isn’t it? We run around fearing as many things as we can, just to make our days interesting. We walk around fearing failure, fearing success, fearing the unknown and fearing fear itself. You should FEAR LESS and you don’t have to be FEARLESS to do it.

Just stop caring about all these imaginary things that you place in your mind to keep you distracted. Once you stop caring and stop fearing, you can get on with the day and get things done in spite of all that fear. You don’t have to be a super hero, muster up courage and take on life with brute force.

Just stop caring so much of things that don’t have the slightest chance of even happening to you. THEN GET THINGS DONE and stick to it.


In Spite of Doubt

NEWSFLASH!… You don’t know everything, won’t know everything and can’t know everything that’s going to happen. There will always be some doubt in your mind.

Is this going to work?
What happens if?
But what about?

In the back of your mind there will always be something there, however, you won’t be able to know what’s waiting around the corner unless you TAKE ACTION.

I can tell you what’s waiting for you if you do nothing… NOTHING BUT wasted time, wasted thoughts and days filled with wonder. So stop wondering and start doing.

Do a little here, a little there and then when you get results, you will know what to do and what not to do next. Action trumps doubt any day of the week and that’s what makes life so wonderful. You never truly know until you do something about it.

Stick to taking action and just like your fears, you’ll realize the doubts you had were just created by your over creative mind. A mind that was preoccupied with thoughts, fears and doubt, because you needed to spend more time doing and less time thinking.


In Spite of The Pain

To be honest with you, there will be days that absolutely suck! Days your head hurts, heart hurts, life hurts. Days you can barely drag yourself out of bed. Days when you can’t punch another note on the keyboard. Days you question, “Is this even worth it?”

You’ll have those days and many days that aren’t for the faint of heart. Days that make you feel that banging your head against a rock would seem more blissful. Days that may even drag on into a string of days, into weeks.

Did I mention, sometimes it will absolutely suck?

Yes the pain of it all might be maddening, but don’t quit. Don’t quit on yourself because it will all be worth it. Every single moment, every single misstep, every single heart murmur will be worth the struggle.

Go to war for your dreams, fight that battle, stick to it until you reach your summit.

THE PAIN OF QUITTING will be far greater!


In Spite of Humiliation

Finally, stick to it when everyone’s laughing at you. When everything blows up in your face. When your friends make a mockery of your dreams. When family talk about you in whispers and dismay.

You may feel the world is flying by you while you’re struggling, doubting yourself and in pain. Everyone’s life is off to an amazing start and you’re still in the starting blocks in your race of life.

Sure, shit happens and you may make a wrong turn here and there. But guess what? You’re creating your own blueprint to follow, own map to guide you and there’s no step by step guidance for what you’re doing right now. Of course you’re bound to make some mistakes.


The friends that laughed at you will soon cheer you when you make it. The family that whispered, will soon shout your accolades and that shame you felt when you made those mistakes will soon be a distant memory. Then none of it will matter because you triumphed over it all.

Stick to it and through it and you’ll get to experience the little dreams you had and even more.

This is getting a bit long and you need to get back to work so you can achieve paradise. But, I’ll leave you with this one last thing.

Stepping out on faith is something most dreamers have to do, yet that faith is only strengthened when you stick to it and take action. Take massive action, take little action, take some for of action by the second, minute, day etc. Soon those actions will strengthen your faith, remove all fear, doubt, worry, pain and shame. You don’t get from pain to paradise by doing nothing. You have to take action and keep going in the right direction.

I hope you stick to it, so you make it here, to see it all for yourself. Hurry Up, paradise awaits!

– TRENDS * From The Future – DEC 2013*

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Now Your Turn…

What will you be sticking to, to make your absolute dreams become a reality? Post below in the comments!

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