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Challenge Time…

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Hello boys and girls, it’s now the start of a new month and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m on a bit of a challenge.

– 100 new blogs
– 25 affiliate site

by July 31st 2010.

Where am I now?
Well see what happened was… ok I’ve done a good amount so far so no beating up myself.

Now I have 30 affiliate domains ( to sell products for a commission) and 0 new blogs. Don’t worry this will all be ramped up soon.

What I’ve done is go back over the original domains I bought, about 13 and market them properly before I move on to new sites. Then I’ll make another pass over to put out more articles to market these old and new sites. It’s a lot of work, but I’m sure it will pay off.

What’s The Plan for July?

Definitely it’s time to ramp up like I’ve mentioned before so I don’t look like a complete moron. 0 out of 100 is not really awesome in anybody’s book.

But now that I have a hang of the process and setting up these sites, I should be able to knock this all out.

So build build build and then spend more time getting them all out there.

That’s it for now, in the next updates I’ll drill more down into the process I’ve learned. I’ll find out if it’s a successful process after all this work of course.

We’ll see… stay tuned!