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Ass Backwards: Seeking Wealth Before Happiness

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Today when on my way to meet some dude, who had some money, at some place… sounds like a sketchy drug endeavor doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I don’t fancy prison stripes so none of that going on.

So as the story goes, I decide to make use of the tapes that come in the big package monthly, from one of the membership programs that rape my account. ( That reminds me, have to cancel or do something with that gym membership.) Anyway… I put in the tape and start listening.

Damn… CD error… wipe wipe. That’s better!

So it’s an interview from Ted Leonsis you can check him out at his blog here. Who’s Ted you ask?

He’s an all around good guy, owns part of the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, Mystics, helped drive AOL to major success for 14 years, is a multi multi millionaire and oh he had a revelation at 25 when he almost died in a plane crash. And it was that near death experience that woke hip up from focusing on just the millions and more about living and experiencing life.

It was a great interview which focused on the principles of his book The Business of Happiness. The importance of having gratitude, living with a higher purpose, having empathy for others and their situations and really striving to excel in all aspects of your life without as he calls it, over-indexing.

Quite often we believe we have to chase the money to become happy, of which I’ve definitely been guilty of up to quite recently. I guess the thought process was, the less I have to focus on bills and finances, the happier I would become. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up not having to worry if you have your $7 to go an splurge on high priced, funny sounding coffee, from the the barista coffee mafia.

Apparently I had it all ass backwards, and it became more of a struggle than anything to pursue this, while not being happy and fulfilled in other aspects of my life. A point well driven home by the hour interview.

Point: Balance by also focusing on wealth in other aspects of your life and eventually every thing else will fall into place. ( I hate that word balance by the way, but it’s something I definitely will be working on. )

After all, we can’t be buried with all our wealth at the end of the day. So what sense does it make to miss out on the real wealth, living.

Anyway… great interview by Ted, shedding light on something I’ve struggled with and it’s worth getting it right now, so I don’t have to be on a plane, about to crash, wishing I had experienced living a great life.