A Lot of Greatness in One Room

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How unlikely is this right?

The greatest investor of all time and arguably the best rapper of all time, together in one room?

Discussing what? Investment strategies? How to sample a hit? Who their favorite tailor is? How to dodge bullets and make it into a song?

Actually yes and no… this was an amazing interview I woke up to last Thursday which was shared by one of my great friends Leo on his facebook page.

In the interview Warren and Jay Z discussed more that survival in the projects. They discussed some of the true elements to become successful not only in business and music, but in life.

It’s worth watching when you have some solid time ( it’s 50+ minutes ). Beats the heck watching Dancing with the Stars or whatever amazing shows they have on TV right now. If you missed the sarcasm, I was only joking about TV being amazing.

And now…

Here’s the interview!

What’s Next?

1. Spend some time thinking about your own greatness. Do you know what will make you legendary in your own right?

2. Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about this interview.

3. Share this video with your friends by email, facebook or twitter.

Go be great!



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