Greatness Lives On The Edge of Destruction

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The title of this post was inspired yet again by Mr. Will Smith during his latest interview with the Queen of All Women tuned in between 4 & 5 pm daily, OPRAH!

I thought it a better title than, “When Shit Hits The Fan!”… what do you think?

Anyway… for some reason that title got stuck in my head today and it really rang home and pretty much summed up my 2010 in review thus far. Has it been an amazingly shitty year for you as well?

Before we break out the violins though for the sad stories, let’s think about this for a while.

Greatness Lives on The Edge of Destruction… hmm!

If you really think it through, it really means that during life we’re met with tons of challenges and it’s those challenges that really test us to see who we are and what we’re really made of. Do you really have what it takes to pursue your goals? Are you going to give up at the sign of a little set back? Will you just throw your hands up in the air and beg for an Obama bailout… they’re giving away tons of those nowadays.


Will you wipe the blood off your face, the tears out your eyes, guilt out your mind, fear out your heart, to dig deep, to fight back, to tap into your reserve tank and really give it a go. Really change the outcome of what appears to be a totally catastrophic situation.

Which is it? Destruction or Greatness? Fight or Flight?

Right now you may be wondering the same thing to yourself? You may be even thinking “Shit! Can it get any worse? Did the universe just decide it was beat the hell out of ( insert your name here ) year in 2010?”

It may be the bills piling up, the bill collectors calling, you got into a car accident, your boss is an asshole, your kid had to be rushed into the hospital, you just got knocked up by some loser, someone in your family just died… and who the hell ate the last of my favorite cookies? DAMN IT!

Guess what? It’s called Life! Life never ends, challenges never cease and the world is filled with morons and negative people ready to make your life a living hell. BUT you do have a choice…

Destruction or Greatness?

If you look around, the world is overflowing with destroyed people, and you’re probably quite familiar with many of them?

Do you know people who complain a lot?

People who justify why they’re life is in the dumps?

Folks who blame the world for all the ills in their lives?

“The only reason why my life is a mess is because none of these 10 kids baby daddies won’t pay their child support on time!”

Um Yeh!

Even worse… Does any of this describe YOU? ( Minus the baby daddies of course! )

Is It YOU?

We all have to take a long look in the mirror sometimes and really think about who we are, and what we’d like to become. And I’m sure Destroyed by Life was never on the check list, when you were thinking of your future. BUT there’s hope, you can…

Decide to Be Great

You may not want to hear this right now, but it’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and yelling “the sky is falling”. It’s time to decide to be great. Now you don’t have to go cut out a cape and put and S on your chest or anything, but you can tackle things differently. You can take on one challenge at a time, bit by bit, set a plan, be flexible when things don’t work out the way you want it and just get moving in a better direction.

It’s not like the bitching and complaining is working out for you all that well anyway right?

Bit by bit, little by little, with patience, with time, with a little disciple and with some faith you’d be surprised how great you can become.

If you’re already on your way to becoming great, well, great for you and I hope you find a way to help your friends and others around you to become great themselves.

For the others of us who are not quite there yet, it’s time to decide…

Will you become great or be destroyed?


P.S. I decided to be great…

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