Kill Your Inner Wimp ( and Get Away With It! )

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There’s a story in the book called E Myth ( E stands for Entrepreneur by the way ) that talks about the inner fat guy and the inner skinny guy.

You’re trying to lose weight, your inner skinny guy has you all revved up to go eat healthy, not scarf down that whole chocolate cake and has you outrunning a Bugatti Veyron, bugs in your teeth and all. Nothing can stop you, you’re at your peak, the world is your beating stick… YOU RULE!

but then one day… Here comes your inner fat bastard!

It’s a cold day, your bed feels all warm and cozy, Law and Order reruns are on for the whole day, cold pizza is the only thing you can muster the energy up to “cook” and now you’re thinking that inner skinny guy was a dumb ass for racing a sports car ’cause now your feet hurt. Dumb ass indeed… you’ve listened to your inner fat bastard.

What just happened here?

Your inner fat bastard just kicked your inner skinny guy’s ass and now you’re way off from your weight loss goal. Now you have to start all over again and now you won’t be able to take off your shirt this summer and show your six pack off to tha ladies. Sad for you and your old kegger!

The same thing tends to happen when you decide to take on a challenge bigger than your self, a challenge that will make you stretch, go outside of your comfort zone, put on your superhuman cape, grow a pair of cajones ( yes I’m talking to you ladies ), and kick some ass!

All of a sudden you go from super ninja super hero to this guy…

Your Inner Wimp shows up with the usual:
“Now I’m not too sure you’re suppose to be doing that! Remember that last guy who tried to do that thing and become a better person? That didn’t work out too well for him at all! He went broke, had to move in with his parents, everyone laughed at him and now he spends his days in a basement feeling sorry for himself.

Do you want that to happen to us?”

Your Inner Wimp comes up with excuse after excuse, cautionary tale after the next, sharing all the reasons why you should stay away from doing something great, something that can change your life for the better.

Your Inner Wimp brings up every time you’ve failed in life, every time you made a mistake… “and don’t forget that time you spilled coffee on your new shirt! How can you become wealthy when you can’t even keep your shirt clean?”

Your Inner Wimp Screams Fear…. “What the hell are you trying to do? Kill Us? Stop!!! Stop trying to be amazing!!!”

I’m sorry… I don’t condone murder, but it’s time to kill your inner wimp!


He’s only keeping you back from becoming your best you. He or she has you enveloped in fear that will at best, only allow you to be mediocre in life.

Fear you will embarrass yourself, fear you won’t meet your goal, fear you’ve lost your step, fear others will judge you, fear you’ll succeed and the great fear you will only… FAIL.

The Inner Wimp in you is the fear talking and when you create a route of listening to that fear, you create a routine of mediocrity.

It may be challenging but it’s time to move passed that fear and conquer your life.

1. Spend some time looking into your life, your mistakes and then your successes. Are you really that much of a failure? Why did you not meet your goals and when you succeeded, what was different? How can you do more of those successful things to accomplish your goals?

2. Prepare yourself, so you’re more confident in your actions. The more prepared you are is the less doubt you have to whether you’re on the right path or not. Do your homework, do that research, be prepared.

3. When you hear that fear talking, tune it out, think of your favorite song, thing of how you’ll feel when you actually accomplish your ultimate goal. The great feeling will drown out the fear.

4. Take small steps to build up your confidence level, then take bold leaps. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, will help you stay on the right track. No one started out being Superman before they were Clark Kent. It took time, discovery of talents, learning what they were best at, knowing their strengths and weakness. Learning to crawl, walk, run and then fly.

5. Know that success is a process and not a destination. There will be setbacks, detours and challenges, but those are the things that ultimately will make us grow in the long run. Those challenges aren’t there to kill our dreams, they’re there to help us stretch ourselves and bring out the best in us.

6. Model and discover more successful people. What did they do? what were their habits? How did they become great? Read their stories, study their habits and then develop strong habits of your own. Quite likely you’ll also learn, that they were human too and didn’t just become legendary over night. Neither will you, so why even beat up on yourself?

7. Learn ways you tend to sabotage your own success. What do you say to yourself? What do you start thinking? What do you start doing? Are you procrastinating? Are you listening too much to your self talk and talking yourself out of taking the necessary action? Study yourself, know your signals, then do less and less of those negative things.

8. If all else fails, just imagine yourself duct taping your inner wimp, locking him in the trunk of a car, backing the car up against a cliff and pushing it over into the river. Dramatic I know, but it’s either you or him, this is the wimp trying to kill your dreams and eventually kill you.


It’s time to kill your inner wimp!

It’s time to be bold, take on challenges, become a better you, live the life you always wanted to live and ultimately break through your fear.

Now It’s Your Turn!

1. What inner challenges/fears are you facing and how can you get over them?

2. Leave a comment below with ways you’ve overcome your own self doubt and fear. How did you kill your inner wimp?

3. Share this with your friends on facebook, twitter or shoot them and email with the link.

Get to it!


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  1. Hey – great blog here! Thanks for the comment over on mine. I love the E-myth! One of the greatest books written to help entrepreneurs develop a real system. Anyway, the post here is motivational and I’m surprised you don’t have more comments on this blog – you write very well and I’m sure you will build this into something great…best of luck!

    • Thanks for the comment Spencer. Motivation to start blogging again.

      I’m sure if I were more consistent there would be more comments!

  2. Hey there,

    Love the blog and particularly your “Life List”…that’s awesome. Which of those have you done so far? Would like to see you start crossing off some of the items off the list!

    Anyway, I think #4 is extremely important. I might start off with a really lofty goal and it helps if I set milestones or small achievements that help me get there. If I can roadmap it out I KNOW I’m working on a plan that will get me from A to B to C, etc.

    • Hi Justin, thanks for venturing over here and commenting.

      Definitely not as many as I’ve wanted to because I’ve been in my cave trying to figure out this IM thing for many months.

      Blogs like yours definitely help me to work the kinks out little by little.

      Now that I’ve had it somewhat figured out, it’s time to leverage and start working on other important things in life.

      Thanks again!

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