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So what’s this site My Rework all about?

Well it’s pretty much a place, where I’m jotting down everything I’m up to and all the cool and uncool projects I’m tied into.

Yeh exciting right?

What really inspired it was a late week binge reading session where I consumed everything in a couple of books, Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki, Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk, 4 Hour Work Week and Rework by the guys from 37 Signals.

Right now I’m reading Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh of Zappos. ( Probably some of the non geeks have heard about them as well. )

Also inhaled an ebook and material by this internet guru named Yanik Silver who talked a lot about living the Maverick business lifestyle etc.

I guess you can tell that I have tons of times on my hands. Either I’m filthy rich or a total idler. I’d like to think of myself as an entrepreneur in transition… ok yes I’m the latter of the previous two, an idler.


This binge reading inspired me to get off my ass and stop transition, actually do something about being a brilliant bum.

So in a round about way that’s what this blog is about, me not being an educated bum, reconnecting with my goals and actually living again.

It’s also to keep me accountable and maybe even inspire a couple of other folks to change their life around. ( As long as you have life, you have a chance to be better.)

Anyway this is getting longer that I’d hope it to be, so stay tuned.

I’m going to go more into my plans for this blog and my new journey in my next post.

For now check out this inspiring vid by Will “Fresh Prince” Smith.


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