DAY 1: Setting Goals…

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I decided to finally kick off my new challenge.

How long is it?

7 Days? 30 Days? 90 Days?

Um… let’s try about 365 Days!

A year? Crazy right?
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The Challenge Continues: One Focus

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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a challenge update, so here goes.

As mentioned before I’ve been dialing down into one major project that I’ve been working on. It’s occupied a lot more of my time than everything else and I’ve decided to throw all my talents, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, etc at this one project.

One project, one focus is goal. Of course there are other little side projects, but in terms of day to day this project, let’s call it Project LOL, will occupy the majority of my time.

Why you ask? What happened to all the million blogs etc?
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Doing What You Love!

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A funny thing happens when you start doing what you love.

You get to love life a little more.

Making good progress on my websites and all. The ones I initially created are starting to rank after just a few weeks. One of the sites is even now on the front page of google, after some article submission, and blog network marketing. Pretty sweet right?

On the progress of my million blogs in a day project… #EPIC FAIL!

Now this is not because I’m being lazy or anything, so stop yelling at the screen. I’ve actually been spending the last week setting up one of my main sites. ( Don’t ask me for the link, cause I won’t be sharing. ) No it’s not porn related either. But it’s a lot of fun and will be applying tons of my internet marketing skills to it.

It’s come with a lot of challenges though, which has taken up a lot of time.

Finding the right theme, tweaking it with plug ins, configuring it with ideas from other sites I visit all the time ( swipe file ), after getting the site to work, almost losing everything, setting up email lists, the email list not working, finding tons of content, putting together strategy to stand out, plus plus plus!

But in all the late nights and suffering, I’ve learned a lot about myself… this is exactly what I enjoy doing. “Why didn’t I focus on this more before?”

It’s early stages but I’m looking forward to growing this main site into something powerful and profitable in a few months.

Already sought out feedback from one of my unofficial mentors on it. So we’ll see how that goes.

– Do what you love doing, you’ll feel more fulfilled at the end of the day.

What are you doing that you love? ( For profit of course lol )


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Challenge Update – Way Behind — BUT…

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funny pictures of cats with captions

Seems like I’m still on holiday mentally! Fireworks and all…

So now it’s the 12th and I’m way behind on my original goal of 100 blogs by the end of this month.

Now I could give tons of excuses and all, but I’ve just been a bum and distracted. How’s that for some honesty right? Though during my distraction time I’ve reevaluated my approach to building all these web properties. Which had me focused on one simple question…

Is it Worth Setting Up these shallow ( 5-7 page blogs? ) or build a few authority blogs and continually post and beef up the content of that authority blog?

Decision 2010

So like Lebron, I had a decision to make. Are you sitting at the edge of your seat yet? Waiting on my ESPN hour special?

What am I going to do?

What does the future hold?

Well no worries, no need to drag it out like Lebron ( apparently the most hated person in Ohio right now. ), I’m scaling back on the 100 blogs and only going to do 1/3 of them.

Cop out? No!

I’m going to be focused as well on building authority blogs in different niches related to entertainment, TV etc. I figure I could have the best of both worlds and also use these authority blogs as a way of breaking the monotony of building blogs I don’t really care about. ( Yes it gets boring writing about vacuum cleaners, when I don’t care about them. )

What I’ve realized when it comes to the blogging community is that they blog just to blog, they love writing and babbling, but know very little about online marketing, monetization and list building. This leaves a gap for budding internet marketers to carve out some serious profits for themselves.

So with that in mind, I’ll be applying all these internet marketing talents to the blog niche and pocket some of the profits they are leaving on the table.

It’s still going to be a ton of work, but will help me focus more, if that makes any sense.

Anyway… enough ramblings and back to work!

Thanks for reading and remember to leave a comment below. Let me know what your adventures are online.


Challenge Time…

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Hello boys and girls, it’s now the start of a new month and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m on a bit of a challenge.

– 100 new blogs
– 25 affiliate site

by July 31st 2010.

Where am I now?
Well see what happened was… ok I’ve done a good amount so far so no beating up myself.

Now I have 30 affiliate domains ( to sell products for a commission) and 0 new blogs. Don’t worry this will all be ramped up soon.

What I’ve done is go back over the original domains I bought, about 13 and market them properly before I move on to new sites. Then I’ll make another pass over to put out more articles to market these old and new sites. It’s a lot of work, but I’m sure it will pay off.

What’s The Plan for July?

Definitely it’s time to ramp up like I’ve mentioned before so I don’t look like a complete moron. 0 out of 100 is not really awesome in anybody’s book.

But now that I have a hang of the process and setting up these sites, I should be able to knock this all out.

So build build build and then spend more time getting them all out there.

That’s it for now, in the next updates I’ll drill more down into the process I’ve learned. I’ll find out if it’s a successful process after all this work of course.

We’ll see… stay tuned!


Mission Possible – Challenge Time

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Since Monday ( well couple days before that ), I’ve been working on my little challenge.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I do better with challenges. Last time I tried to do 90 videos in 90 days. Um… didn’t quite finish, but I did do about 70. #FAIL… but that’s way more than I’ve ever done before.


The challenge?
100 Blogs by July 31st
25 Affiliate sites by the same date.

The goal is to research them, build them, market them and by July 31st, monetize them to start making some money.

The whole point is to create a bunch of sites to earn passive income, so I can spend more time doing this I love doing.

Playing Catch up…

I’ve spent some of the time brushing up on my internet marketing skills, since it’s been some time that I’ve actually marketed money making blogs. It’s not like I made a bunch of money before, but those skills have helped me in many other areas of business.

What I did find out is that a lot of things have changed and many have remained the same. So not much to worry about there. What’s new is that there’s a bunch of new software out there to help make things easier, like wordpress for creating sites quickly, software to promote your marketing content to tons of networks and basically many ways to automate so you don’t have to work like a slave doing everything. Great!

What hasn’t changed, is that you have to do tons of work upfront before you even make any money and of course it all comes down to volume. Cranking out so many sites, although made easier with software etc, is still a challenge.

Progress So Far?

    Researched a bunch of profitable keywords for the blogs and affiliate sites. ( 52 blog keywords | 15 Affiliate Keywords)

  1. Installed 15 Affiliate Site
  2. Registered Domains
  3. Written Content for 11 of Those Sites
  4. Written articles to promote said sites
  5. Bought & found software to help with the automation process ( Magic Article Rewriter, Market Samurai, and Traffic Travis )
  6. Bought memberships to article distribution communities to get as many links back to my sites so they rank better. ( Unique Article Wizard, Article Ranks and Article Marketing Automation )

This all seems to be tons of work, but it has to be done and what I’ve decided to do is batch a lot of things so I get them all in at one time.

So I’ll research all my keywords at once, buy all my domain names at once, install all site themes at once, etc.

It’s all been tedious, but it will pay off a few months from now.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

No rest, no breaks, look like a cavemen without a hair cut and focused on only internet marketing.

The challenge continues, stay tuned….