DAY 1: Setting Goals…

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I decided to finally kick off my new challenge.

How long is it?

7 Days? 30 Days? 90 Days?

Um… let’s try about 365 Days!

A year? Crazy right?

But no I’m not losing it or drinking anything too heavy, just a plan to focus one year on a project to get to a different level.

I just want to be able to splurge on get some scrimps from the menu and not have to check my bank account in advance. Some of you know how that feels right?

Anyway… here’s the plan.

For the first 90 Days I’ll be focused on the foundation of my project and getting it going.

This includes setting goals, doing research, creating a SWOT analysis, registering a new company, acting like a business and building up my discipline muscle etc.

Etc probably includes another million things to do, but I figure if I get through this first 90 Days, the rest will be a breeze.

What makes the challenge any different than my other?

I have a final/specific goal I’m working towards for this project, which is generate a monthly six figures in 12 months with the option to cash out at 7 figures.

Hmmm… “I’m so ambitious!”

This calls for lots of discipline, motivation, accountability partners, prayer and lots of red bull verve. LOL

The good thing is that I’ve seen it done before, by friends close to me and I believe I have what it takes to get it done.

Today, Day 1 was setting goals for the project, traffic goals for the website, how many members I want on the email list, alexa ranking of the site and also financial goals.

No Goals, No Growth!

Let’s Go!


P.S. What happened to what I was doing before?

I canned that and am now focusing on a singular project and goal.

Wish me good luck!

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