Chasing Tranquility & What Really Matters

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Chasing Tranquility & What Really Matters

It’s been said that those who do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result can be considered insane, crazy and in need of a head examination. Yet still, the world is filled with walking crazies who put on their shiny white jackets, take their dose of meds and dive head first into the wall of life.

Whether you call it a treadmill, the matrix or the carnival of life, we all have been programmed to accept this as living. Doing the same things, the same tasks, the same conversations, the same mistakes and the same exhaustive routine over and over again, expecting it to get better somehow. We do this day in, day out wanting, yearning, wishing for things to change and then do it all over again. Insane right? Click Here to Read More

Kill Your Inner Wimp ( and Get Away With It! )

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Oh no! Here comes your inner wimp again. Quick before he/she comes sabotaging you, it's time to commit murder, it's time to kill your inner wimp and get away with it.

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A Lot of Greatness in One Room

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What does it take to truly be great in life, in business, in all aspects of achieving greatness? Warren Buffett and Jay Z have the answer for you.

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Why Men Are Failures… and how to fix it

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Talk about a kick in the ass.

My good friend Jeremy sent me this video to get me back on track with my mission.

I appreciated it and hopefully you do too.

It was appropriate in the 1950s and is still applicable today!


What’s your thoughts?


DAY 1: Setting Goals…

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I decided to finally kick off my new challenge.

How long is it?

7 Days? 30 Days? 90 Days?

Um… let’s try about 365 Days!

A year? Crazy right?
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The Challenge Continues: One Focus

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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a challenge update, so here goes.

As mentioned before I’ve been dialing down into one major project that I’ve been working on. It’s occupied a lot more of my time than everything else and I’ve decided to throw all my talents, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, etc at this one project.

One project, one focus is goal. Of course there are other little side projects, but in terms of day to day this project, let’s call it Project LOL, will occupy the majority of my time.

Why you ask? What happened to all the million blogs etc?
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